Krzysztof Switalski – Staff

Krzysztof Switalski joins the Corporate Certificate School Administration  in the strategic role of EU Content Executive Producer and International Licensing Business Development Director.  He brings over 25 years of experience in  Promoting and supporting scientific exchange and the transfer of new technology between Polish Universities (G.I.F.T. Cluster’s Partners) and global markets as well as teaching.   His experience includes overseeing the complete operation of foundations in accordance with the direction established in the strategic plans. He has been representing organization before civic and professional associations as well as in regards to its responsibilities and activities on local, regional, national and international level across the EU and North America.

His foundational knowledge is from his M.Sc. in Transport Systems Control and Post-Graduate Studies in Accounting.  This has lead to a career in the business and innovation sectors where he gained hands-on experience in the area of management, business development and launching strategies. From an innovation and change perspective for strategic development he has proven ability to successfully analyze critical business requirements, identify deficiencies and potential opportunities, and develop innovative and cost-effective solutions for enhancing competitiveness, and improving customer service.