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BMD 1 Intro to Resolve 17

The class will cover the setup and management of video libaries, creation of new video projects, basic editing, trim, voiceover & soundtrack attachment, multi-track editing, titling and basic effects/ transitions and how to output the results for Broadcast TV, Streaming Services, and Cinema use. The course will introduce Basic Editing, VFX, Motion Graphics, Audio, and Color Grading.

Color1 Intro to Color Theory

The class will cover the Color Theory Essentials, as well as understanding what Hue, Luminance, Saturation, Lift, Gamma, Gain, and Alpha Channels and so much more. You will understand the Importance of Color Space for Broadcast Television and Cinema Film. This Class dives into the Understanding of Color and how to Manipulate Colors to your Advantage to get the Result you are looking for.

ESA1 Media Storage

This class presents the basics of digital storage for professional media and entertainment applications. It discusses the various types of storage and how they are used in various elements of an M&E workflow, including content capture, post production, content delivery as well as backup and archiving. The class also explores modern storage protocols and form factors in addition to an introduction into storage and content management.

Corporate Certificate


The Roadway Intelligence Lifestyle has as a major support area education of its community and members.  This education is segmented into two areas – Individual World skills, and Societal World Skills.

The Societal World skills focus on communication and messaging methods.  Modern technology is a cornerstone of messaging to a large audience.  As a result, the educational program is being presented as a standard format following the Private Postsecondary School Sector and hands-on Polytechnic school structure. The program is called Corporate Certificate School and is part of the Roadway Intelligence community..

This portion of the education program will include current and next generation video editing, content capture & creation, production and media distribution.  This not only will allow the community to promote the message of the group, but also find employment and association in the societal world, that will allow the members to be able to maintain the duality of the individual World & Societal World System.

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The Courses are designed for VOD Structure, Interactive Q/A and Hands-On Learning. These programs include practical experience internship, and are designed to help community members start careers in the media arts or transition to new careers in the professional media arts.



Marge Andres

{I now have a greater understanding of what both of my daughters do for a living. One is in production with Dreamworks (Glendale, CA) and the other is in post-productions as a Lead Assistant Editor on Reality TV (NYC). SO, these classes have given me a true insight into what they do and I can truly relate and understand when it takes forever to edit something. This really has been a priceless experience for me. Obviously they were driven and I’m sure you have students in your classes with the same drive. I want to support them!

Nicolas Antolini

{I already have some basic Video Editing Skills and I took the BMD1 Intro Course they offered and was able to learn Davinci Resolve 16 at the time. It allowed me to move away from Premiere Pro which I was paying for and I was able to switch to Resolve after taking this course. I was granted the Internship opportunity where I learned to break down and manage huge timeline deadlines into small manageable pieces. Allowing me to do bigger video projects at a faster rate.