CCS Deploys Distance Learning with Hands-On Project Strategy

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Sept 2020 – With the CA State mandate to implement a Distance Learning solution for the Fall 2020 semester across all classes, CCS created a structure that will both present the underlying knowledge aspects of the education, as well as the practical hands-on experience that is the foundation of the schools program.

The knowledge aspects are utilizing the Microsoft Office 365 for Education platform with Microsoft Teams as the core virtual classroom technology.  The platform was selected primarily due to the integration and workflow for being able to handle the large amounts of shared data resources that are part of the broadcast and video editing  education.  The Office 365 environment has been enhanced with portions from the Roadway Media Broadcast Workflow to provide an easy to attend and immersive classroom experience.

The solution was enabled by using the core corporate partner for the class – Blackmagic Design’s current business -platform to be the distribution point for the software for the class to use across multiple hardware platforms.  The large training data set, for the hands on portion in the first half of the class, was also available from the corporate partner’s site.  As a Academic Training partner, the company additionally is supporting the Fall 2020 students with access to some supplemental computing acceleration hardware to be able to complete the project portion of the coursework.

The key to the Hands-On project phase is the simultaneous integration of on going lectures from the concurrent ESA1  class and the segmentation in the project to support “at home” with schedule interface or “1-2 students at a time” working with the tools and data at the newly configured “Social Distance Layout” production studio lab that has been created.

“The core of the program is the mentored & curated hands-on project that will produce a foundational step in the resume towards a new career.  It was important that we create a solution that both presented new learning concepts and guided the students to solidify those ideas with traditional hands-on experience.” said Roberto Mendez, CCS Director of Education.


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