Color1 : Intro to Color Theory

Course Overview



As people dive into the Video Editing world, they often oversimplify the Color Grading Process. BMD2 will teach you the fundamental understanding of Color for becoming a Color Grading Professionally in the Industry. The 11 Weeks Class will cover Color Theory as well as understanding Professional Color Grading Terms and Techniques for the Industry.



The class will cover the Color Theory Essentials, as well as understanding what Hue, Luminance, Saturation, Lift, Gamma, Gain, and Alpha Channels and so much more. You will understand the Importance of Color Space for Broadcast Television and Cinema Film. This Class dives into the Understanding of Color and how to Manipulate Colors to your Advantage to get the Result you are looking for. We are refraining from teaching the Davinci Resolve Software in this course, instead after taking this course you will be able to dive into the Color Page in Davinci Resolve yourself and have the Capability to go about Color Grading your Content.


Interactive Distance Learning (IDL)

Due to COVID19 the BMD2 Class is Distance Learning. Classes will be via ZOOM Link sent to the Email you Registered with. We will be providing Recorded Videos for you to watch for each Lesson, the set Class Times for Zoom will be Q/A for the Lesson Watched.


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Class Monday & Wednesday 12-1pm
Instructor Roberto Mendez

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