Whether you are currently in College, Out of College, Coming back for Re-Education, or Searching for a New Career Path. Applying to CCS is a straight forward process. 

Simply Apply Online and then submit your documents. You must also attch either a Video/Song/Artwork/Essay to the Application at the end to be considered for the Program. Once Submitted there is an Interview Process as well as a one time 75$ Registration Fee that is required. There are no deadlines to Apply. Admission results normally take about two weeks.

Admissions are open for all available courses

Available Courses are currently All being held Virtual Video On Demand with Interactive Q/A. Make sure to take a look at the course to see if it changes, but as of now all courses are being held Virtually. Once we have the ability to hold classes in person, classes will then be moved to San Leandro Adult School at Livermore, CA.

Fill Out Application

Submit your Application online any time throughout the Year. There are no deadlines to Apply. Make sure to have all required Materials before applying for the Application

Send Your Documents

The Documents and Other Materials Required MUST be Submitted with the Application. Read this Document to find more information on what Documents you must Attach with the Application.

Interview Process

While filling out the Application make sure to set a date for the Interview Process on Calendly. The Interview will step through your Application and Documents that you have submitted.

Admission Contact

Status Open
Location 1448 Williams St, San Leandro, CA 94577
Open Hours
10:00 AM to 04:00 PM
Contact Phone: +1 925-606-5357 Ext 2  Email:


Due to the current state of Covid-19 and its effect on the ability to be in person. Classes have been moved to being Virtual and with Projects provided by the San Leandro Adult School. Classes are planned to be on Video On Demand and Interactive Q/A.