Sponsors & Partners

As the educational branch of Roadway Intelligence, Inc a 501c3 Non-Profit Corporation, the school receives it operating funds from Roadway Intelligence. In order to provide a tuition-free hands on education to the students, Roadway Intelligence, works with companies and other organizations in the community to attract donations that can be used for covering the costs of the students, the facilities & equipment and the faculty & staff of the school.

There are several types of support from the corporate and individual community that are being sought.

For 2020, the CARES Act that was passed by Congress in February 2020 to address the Coronavirus Pandemic Economic impact has special rules that make this year advantageous to support non-profit organizations with equipment and financial donations. A short summary of the key points are available here Charitable Contribution Guidelines for 2020a, for helping guide your purchasing and financial teams to better understand the options for this year.

As a result of the special tax breaks for donations to Non-Profit Corporations in 2020, all programs are available on a multi-year (3yr, 5yr, and 7 yr) agreement with every 6 mos review for continuation terms.

Guest Lectures for Classes :

Corporate Internship programs :

Partnership Program :

Download – CCS_Guest_Internship_2020-21_package 

Direct support through our GoFundMe Campaign