2020 Educational Expansion Partner Recognition

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Sept 2020- Corporate Certificate School is pleased to recognize Krzysztof Switalski for his efforts and strategy titled “Interactive Distance Learning Implementation for Cross Cultural/Multi-Time Zone Global Education using Broadcast Media Content Creation & Distribution Methodologies”.

The methodology will allow the school to address both domestic students in the US across time-zones to enhance the access to practical, curated, hands-on education at no-tuition cost, while allowing the reach of the programs to expand beyond the confines of the Pacific Standard Time, Time Zone.

Mr Switalski is also assisting with the promotion and licensing of internationally created content from the BIPOC community and EU based regional areas to expand the journalism and news markets to exposure through the Silicon Valley centered media distribution.

We are pleased to have Mr Switalski as part of our team, and congratulate him with this recognition award.

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