Guest Lectures for Classes

Each of the 20 session classes has a structure that supports up to FOUR (4) classes with industry speakers and experts. A core of the classroom structure is an emphasis on practically and applicability of knowledge and experience for the career path beyond the school. This requires students both be exposed to industry leaders and learn to relate to them as peers.

The logistics on these talks is a 30 min slot, optimally 20 min of presentation / demo and 10 min Q&A. The balance of the class sessions are lead by the instructors to context the presentation of the guest lecturer.

Guest Lecture Opportunity

See Guest Lecture Features Below

Live Classrooms


Guest Lecture's contain a Minnimum Audience of Approximately 25 People. Classes are subject to being In Person or Virtual based on Current COVID Guidelines.

Video Recording


Roadway Media Productions covers Professional on-site Video Recording of the Presentation and Demo held in the classes for Online Education Use.




Production of the Presentations and Demos from Classes are done by Roadway Media Productions. Production Includes Adding Captioning & B-Roll Insertion for Playback.

VOD Visibility

Inclusion of a Portion of the Final Produced Video into one of the Roadway Media Production TV and VOD Shows. These Programs are aired on:

  • TL Network
  • Vimeo
  • Youtube
  • Other OTT

Priority for TVOD Events

Receive Priority TV Video on Demand Event for One Time Pay Per View Events. The Event will be Showcased on TL Network for Premiering.



Option for Creation ( Teleplay and Production) of Long-Run Broadcast/Streaming Content at Discounted Production Rates for Shows or Events.