This School is focused on the “Societal World Skills” that drive communication and messaging methods. Modern technology for creation of the multimedia content is a cornerstone of messaging to a large audience. As a result, the educational program is being presented as a standard format following the Private Postsecondary School Sector structure. Historically, this was known as “trade schools” or “polytechnic institutes” which are occupational and technical skill oriented programs.

This portion of the education program will include current and next generation video editing, content capture & creation, production and media distribution. This area of learning , will allow the program members to promote the Roadway Intelligence message. Additionally, as the program is being presented in association with industry leading tool and technology providers, the members will be able to take their knowledge and skills base to the societal world, in the form of being able to find employment. This helps reinforce and maintain the concept of duality in the individual World & Societal World System.

As identified earlier, these education programs are being offered as a community service. The educational programs, including those with certification are being offered at NO COST to the RI community members, and by application for participation, by non-members. All participants of the educational program can participate in practical experience internship and apprenticeship programs. These are designed to help community members start careers in the media arts or transition to new careers in the professional media arts by providing them both portfolio content and content creation participation on broadcast or streaming content.

Fill Out Application

Submit your Application online any time throughout the Year. There are no deadlines to Apply. Make sure to have all required Materials before applying for the Application

Send Your Documents

The Documents and Other Materials Required MUST be Submitted with the Application. Read this Document to find more information on what Documents you must Attach with the Application.

Interview Process

While filling out the Application make sure to set a date for the Interview Process on Calendly. The Interview will step through your Application and Documents that you have submitted.

For Societal World connection for all educational program participants we are seeking to provide student membership in the IEEE Broadcast Technology Society and SMPTE which are the two primary governing organizations for professionals in messaging at no cost to the students, along with the tuition free program. Based on additional coursework and specialization chosen, we are additionally seeking to provide student membership in SPJNABJCSIAESKhronosESA, and other professional societies as available.