RMP 1 – Roadway Media Electronic Appearance Certification


Schedule: First class Thursday Sept 10
Last class Tuesday Nov 17
Final Thurs Nov 19 1p-150p

Class:        Tuesday & Thursday 1p-1:50p

Room:       CCS -A

Instructor: Pallab Chatterjee

Overview: Most people have learned either formally or though expeiernce how to present in person or a small group. Historically, presentation skills classes have focused on stage performance for large venues and audiences. The business climate has shifted now from the stage to the screen.

Green Screen capture, video conferencing, HD & 4K cameras, and being viewed on a large screen .

Presentation in these applications is the next phase of the business communication cycle.

The class will cover observational awareness of how you present and how people see you on the screen, as well as covering skills and techniques to be able to get your message across without getting lost in the visual medium. The class will discuss makeup, lighting, microphone use & placement, virtual set design and backgrounds, inclusion of videos, stills, and other tradtional presentation materials over the streaming media, and how to use and read from a teleprompter.