Winter 2021 Schedule

NOTE:  As the CoronaVirus Pandemic is still in a highly changing mode right now as well as the state and government response and policy reaction to the rise and fall of the exposure and spread, our schedule of classes will be adjusted, as required, should any of these responses and policies impact the hands-on training we are planning.

Deadline for application to attend Fall 2020 Certification

As Classes are planned to start January 20, just after Martin Luther King Day 2021  – applications need to be submitted on-line by January 13 by 11:59PM PT.  Notification of acceptance will be made prior to Wednesday January 20, 2021

There is a Once a Semester 75$ Registration Fee to Apply.

Classes are Tuition-Free

The program itself has NO TUITION FEE, however, the school is NOT in a position to subsidize housing or transportation to the classes.

If selected to attend, there are three anticipated costs for the program:

  1. The school uses Live Scan for background check and personal information collection/management – so to attend, students have to be cleared by Live Scan.  This cost is approx $25USD this is a “one time” fee that allows for multiple certification to take place (up to 6 classes).
  2.  The school also has a registration fee per semester that is on the order of $75/per student that is being finalized and is dependent on state & county guidelines for COVID-19 Prevention overhead for holding the physical classroom meetings.  This fee includes the student ID card, lanyard, electronic registration system,  SVOD access, and completion certificate.
  3. As a great deal of the work effort is in the form of actual content creation, capture and production, the school assumes that student has their own computer available for coursework.  Software for the classes will be provided.
    NOTE:  At this time, the dominant platform for content capture, creation and production is Windows PC, the classes will be taught with that as the platform of choice.  Closer to August, Educational discounts on computers from several workstation providers will be offered to students in the event you need to acquire a system prior to starting classes.


There are currently THREE (3) classes planned for Winter 2020.

The classes are in to be held ON-LINE for Interactive Distance Learning for Winter 2020.  The Classes will be interactive and project based

  • Registration and Introduction First Day for every Class
  • BMD 1 – Last Day of Instruction is Tuesday, March 30, 2021 & Final Exam / Certification is Thursday, April 1, 2021
  • ESA 1 – Last Day of Instruction is Monday March 29, 2021 & Final Exam / Certification is Wednesday March 31, 2021
  • BMD2- Last day of Instruction is Monday March 29, 2021 & Final Exam / Certification  is Wednesday March 31, 2021