Application for Fall 2020 is now open

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Corporate Certificate School, a Hands-on Tuition Free Education program for learning media and broadcast messaging, has opened the application process for the Fall 2020 semester which will run from Thursday Sept 10 to Thursday Nov 19, 2020.

The application process is open to all, and the deadline for the fall semester is Friday July 31 at 11:59p PT.

All applicants who are interested in attending the TUITION FREE certification classes should submit the application on-line.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will NOT be processing paper applications in 2020.

There is NO financial information required to apply and there is no application fee.

The program is available to all applicants interested in electronic media whether they are recent graduates entering the post-secondary education space as well as existing professionals seeking continuing education for new skills or for professionals in the workplace seeking to change to a new career path.

In this time of social change, we are encouraging people of color – from the Black, Latino, Asian, and Women Head of Households communities – to apply for the program, as they will be leading the direction for the new stories in the 2030 Message Economy.

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  1. Jean Paul Leyva Orrillo Rojas

    This is Great!!! Looking forward to this opportunity!!!


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